With a career that’s spanned almost six years, four albums, a handful of live performances, triple platinum selling band Hale, consisting of Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada and Paolo Santiago, is back with their new single, “See You”.
“There are people you meet in this life that leave a mark on you which is so undeniable. That no matter how hard you try to forget them, and move on, you just can’t.” Champ says as he talks about the new single. See You talks about an ultimate confession, a love that cannot be easily forgotten. “It’s about conceding to a person that you have loved so much that the years and the memories once shared only strengthen the hidden flame within. That the greatest tragedy is a love forgotten.”
Since 2010, the band has written many songs, including See You. “To be honest, we really had a hard time picking which single to release first.” Champ contemplates as he told about the single which he composed. “We’re extremely proud of the songs we’ve written so far and that we allocated so much time preparing for the comeback that all songs in our eyes are all equal.” Hale chose “See You” as the comeback single as it felt the most nostalgic when they recorded the song and they wanted their waiting fans to get the same feeling. “’See You’” in my opinion is the most honest, vulnerable of the bunch. You can just sense the emotions from the lyrics and melody, the arrangement and build up towards the end is just glorious.”

sobrang happy ko kasi nagbalik na ang hale dati post ko ito